Things You Need to Know Before Installing a Mammoth Grow Tents

Everyone loves to grow plants, and those who don’t have space for it outside do it indoors. If you are planning for indoor plantation, then it is essential to know many important things about it. In this article, we are trying to explore some essentials of indoor plantation using mammoth grow tents and some benefits of trying it.

Mammoth grow tent cabinets are available in various sizes and prices. The major advantage of using mammoth grow tents is that the structure of it is ideal for preventing any light from escaping. The high degree of internal reflectance will help the planters to get the best benefits of using any add-on lighting equipment. The grow tents are available in different models and sizes.

Various models available in mammoth grow tents

The most economical and most popular choice among mammoth tent variants is the Mammoth Classic, which is largely inexpensive but still, one of the top-notch grow tents in the market now. These tend to have very strong and thick canvas supported by an aluminium structure. There is a coating of reflective material inside and light hitting these walls will bounce back and falls on to the plants. Thick canvas will prevent any wastage or leakage of light. It is an ideal choice for someone looking for quality grow tent at a reasonable price.

Another popular mammoth grow tent model is Mammoth Pro, which features very thick and strong fabric and reflective walls inside. This internal lining can reflect about 95% of the light falling on it, which will be redirected to the plants. It is noted that this model of grow tents allow the highest lateral yield compared to any other grow tent of this range. There are a couple of lateral windows also there along with a door, which facilitates the user’s easy access to the plants during the cultivation season.

Other two options are Mammoth L and Mammoth Elite, which also feature an excellent finish as the Mammoth Pro. Providing the same quality fabric and also 95% reflectance, Mammoth Elite, and L are also available in bigger sizes like 240cm x 120cm x 2m to biggest 3m x 6m x2 to 4m, etc. With this model, you can create a fantastic grow room in any space.

Another one in the series is Mammoth Dryer, which is a tent to be used for drying the harvest. The walls of Mammoth Dryers are breathable, so it will not let humidity to be held inside. Such tents will allow you to install a drying net also inside it and has a filter-enabled ventilation system which prevents the dried crops from rotting. Using it, you can also keep the odours under control then compared to drying it inside any room.

Mammoth Propagator is another trend which is ideal for keeping your cuttings. The design of it is much taller and wider, which can possess a solid base to the clones. There are fluorescent inside the cabinet, which actually don’t produce any heat, and can be placed close to the plants without the threat of getting burned.

With many verities available, mammoth grow tents offer top quality and affordable price to the in-house planters looking for a budget-friendly and highly functional grow tents of varying sizes and purposes.