What is an NCSA Program?

NCSA stands for Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement.

An NCSA program typically involves a financial grant by a state or local government agency or department, or by a non-profit educational, charitable or trade organization to a special fund created by the state broadcasters association for the purpose of having member and non-member radio and television stations air the contributors public service oriented announcements.

The Association solicits member and non-member radio and television stations statewide to establish a certain level of participation in carrying those announcements. Commitment on the part of participating stations includes scheduling a portion of these announcements in "prime time" as though the time was purchased by a "paid advertiser". (This has been a critical element in the success of the NCSA programs around the country.) Affidavits of performance are furnished by the NYSBA to the client so not only does the client know what stations participated in the program but also the actual day, date and time the announcements aired.

It should be noted that NCSA programs have been in existence since 1962, are endorsed by numerous governors, state agencies and the federal government.


Yes.  All 50 States have NCSA Programs.

Please contact the NYSBA at 518-456-8888 for more information.