The NYSBA & The Nelson A. Rockefeller Intern Programs (NARIP)

We are pleased to announce the Nelson A. Rockefeller Intern Program and the NYSBA Intern Program!

The NARIP program was developed as a joint effort between the New York State Broadcasters Association and the New York State Office of Children & Family Services, has provided young adults with an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of the various aspects of the broadcasting business. All NYSBA radio and television members are eligible to participate.

Fifty (50) stations will be accepted!
$6.40 hourly rate! The intern will work at your station a total of 180 (reimbursable) hours for $6.40 per hour for a reimbursable total of $1,152. This program is open to all NYSBA member radio and television stations. 35 stations will be accepted for the NARIP program and 15 for the NYSBA program.

Summary Description of Project:
It is the intention of this program to provide participating students (to be known as "interns") the opportunity to witness and experience "first hand" the operational procedures of a radio or television station. The Nelson A. Rockefeller Intern Program (NARIP) is named in honor of the State's four-time Governor and Vice President of the United States.

Eligibility Requirements:
It is the intent of this program to actively recruit and hire interns that are:
  • At least 17 years of age, but less than 21 at time of entry;
  • High school or undergraduate college students;
  • Residents of New York State or attending school in New York State;
  • First time entrants into the program;
  • Relatives of employees are ineligible to participate.
The Selection Process:
Recruitment - As the program seeks to attract potential candidates on a competitive basis, all participating stations should:
  1. Advertise NARIP on the air
  2. Circulate announcements to educational institutions and programs.
Selecting - The final selection is at the station's discretion. All students should apply for the program the intern via written letter of application, in addition to the station's normal hiring procedure. Following the selection of your candidate, complete and return the questionnaire to the NYSBA office in Albany.
Program Parameters:
An agreement reached by the Office of Children & Family Services and the NYS Broadcasters Association will allow thirty-five (35) stations to participate in the program with a reimbursement for training at a maximum of $1,152. The reimbursement will be in the form of wages at $6.40/per hour for a maximum of 180 hours. The station may decide to independently hire the intern for more hours or for more money per hour.

*Watch the mail in January to apply for the drawing*
For more information, please contact:
Sandy Messineo
New York State Broadcasters Association
1805 Western Avenue
Albany, New York 12203
(518) 456-8888